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The Road To Electrification
From London to Australia, China to Singapore, we have been busy trialling and rolling out electric vehicles as we look at making our fleet even cleaner and greener. Here’s a quick snapshot of our electrification journey thus far.

20 June 2003

The North East line was opened for passenger service in 2003. It is the first and only line in Singapore's MRT network that utilises overhead line electrification.
Hybrid Buses

July 2010

SBS Transit embarked on the first hybrid bus trials. The hybrid bus, which runs on both diesel and electricity, was brought in by ComfortDelGro Engineering in collaboration with Shanghai Sunlong Bus Company and Gemilang Coachworks of Malaysia.
Electric Buses

5 May 2016

Metroline was the first bus operator in London to trial five BYD electric double deck buses on Route 98 from its Willesden Garage. The bus is able to travel 306km on a single charge and ferries up to 81 passengers at any one time.
Hybrid Prius

14 September 2016

ComfortDelGro Taxi rolled out its first hybrid Toyota Prius taxis on the road. The taxis are powered by both electricity and petrol.
Hybrid Ioniq

31 January 2017

ComfortDelGro Taxi rolled out its first Hyundai Ioniq petrol-electric hybrid taxis. These environmentally friendly taxis are designed for efficiency, comfort and handling.
Electric Ioniq

19 July 2018

ComfortDelGro Taxi put two fully electric Hyundai Ioniq taxis on trial. These are the first of its kind in Singapore to fully charge in just under 30 minutes. A fully charged electric Ioniq taxi travels more than 200km, but the cost of charging it fully is only a-third of the cost of diesel for the same distance.
EV Charger

13 November 2018

ComfortDelGro Engineering, in partnership with Greenlots, launched its first DC fast charging station at Braddell. The Terra 54 CG charging station offers a 43kW Type 2 AC charger and 50kW Combo-2 DC faster charger, allowing two EVs to charge at the same time.
Diesel-Electric Hybrid Buses

10 December 2018

SBS Transit began its trial on diesel-electric hybrid buses under the Land Transport Authority. Besides providing commuters with a quieter and smoother ride, these buses will have passenger information display systems, which provide commuters with route specific information.
EV Inspection

January 2019

VICOM started offering Electric Vehicle inspection services in January 2019.


Our taxi fleet in China continued its push towards electrification and replaced about 330 taxis with fully electric models.
Electric Kona

10 January 2019

ComfortDelGro Taxi expanded its trial of electric vehicles with two Hyundai Kona electric taxis. Each fully electric taxi comes with a 64kWh lithium polymer battery, and is able to travel up to about 350km when fully charged.
Perth EV Cabs

5 April 2019

The first two of 50 new hybrid buses hit Melbourne street, marking an important innovation for Victoria’s public transport network. The entire fleet of 50 is expected to be in service by mid-2022 and is expected to deliver significant reductions in emissions, noise and fuel consumption as well as improve the passenger experience.
Perth EV Cabs

27 May 2019

Swan Taxis in Perth became the first taxi company in Australia to put two fully electric Hyundai Ioniq taxis – under the brand EV Cabs – on the roads.
Metroline Route 43

1 July 2019

Metroline’s Route 43 became London’s first fully electric bus service. A total of 37 BYD ADL Enviro4000 EVs serve the route.
SBS Transit Electric Buses

11 November 2019

The Land Transport Authority announced that it would begin deploying, through bus operators including SBS Transit, 60 fully electric buses progressively from mid-2020.
Loyang Charger

1 July 2020

ComfortDelGro rolled out Singapore's fastest public commercial DC Charger. The 100kW Delta Fast Charger is located in ComfortDelGro Engineering’s Loyang branch.
NJDJ Electric Taxi

9 April 2021

Nanjing ComfortDelGro Dajian (NJDJ) Taxi officially took over 10 new units of Qin, a fully-electric taxi model, kickstarting the introduction of EVs into its current taxi fleet.
CDG ENGIE wins tender to install EV Charger

3 September 2021

ComfortDelGro and ENGIE won three of five tender regions to install 479 of the 632 chargers slated for introduction in 2022.
CDG Bus wins NUS Electric Shuttle Bus Tender

18 November 2021

ComfortDelGro Bus is set to operate Singapore’s largest electrified private bus fleet after winning the National University of Singapore’s tender to provide shuttle bus services at its campus.
CDG Bus wins NTU Electric Shuttle Bus Tender

14 February 2022

ComfortDelGro Bus has won a second tender, this time with the Nanyang Technological University Singapore, to operate its bus shuttle services on campus with a fleet of about 20 electric buses.
ComfortDelGro Taxi Buys 100 BYD E-Taxis

4 March 2022

ComfortDelGro Taxi has just purchased 100 BYD e6 station wagons, to be rolled out in the second half of the 2022.
ComfortDelGro Driving Centre To Offer Electric Vehicle Training

24 May 2022

ComfortDelGro Driving Centre has added five electric cars into its training vehicle fleet for their Class 3A Licence Course learners, which will be available from 1 June.